Canada-Alberta cost sharing agreements regarding programs for people with disabilities continue to progress. In 1998 the Vocational Rehabilitation of Disabled Persons (VRDP) of 1961 is replaced by the Employability Assistance for Persons with Disabilities Agreement (EAPD).1In 2003, the program was changed again, and is now called the Multilateral Framework for Labour Market Agreements for Persons with Disabilities.2 The aim of the agreement is to “improve the employment situation of Canadians with disabilities by enhancing their employability, increasing the employment opportunities available to them, and building on the existing knowledge base”.3 The progress of these agreements, along with some other initiatives, such as the Alberta Multi-Year Plan of 1999-2002, led to the establishment of the Disability Related Employment Supports (DRES) program in Alberta.4 The program includes job search supports, on the job supports, and educational supports administered by an Alberta Human Resources and Employment (AHRE) consultant.5


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